Great facts about Child of Hope


1. A high proportion of your donation reaches the children

Out of our 25-strong team of volunteers and trustees in the UK, only two are part-time paid roles – our director and administrator. So our great boast that every penny gets through is no longer quite the case! During 2015, 85p in every pound donated reached our work in Uganda, and we are working on ways to make that even better this year. Thank you... and please keep giving!

2. None of your donation will be diverted through corruption

We have our own people 'on the ground' in Uganda, and all funds are transferred directly to Child of Hope in Uganda, so your donation will not be affected.

3. If you sponsor a child's education, it can become personal

Our sponsors receive regular letters, pictures and even school reports from their children. There is no pressure to write back, but many of our sponsors enjoy sending occasional letters or birthday cards to their children, all of which takes place through our UK office for everyone's security. Read more...

4. We don’t keep increasing the cost of education sponsorship

Your long-term support is so valuable to us, we promise to not keep increasing the cost of your child education sponsorship. If it ever does need to increase, we will offer you the option to increase your standing order, but never insist – you are welcome to maintain the same cost throughout your sponsorship, if you so wish.

5. We employ locals living in Namatala

School staff, builders… everyone we hire lives in the slum area we serve. And we work with local traders and use locally-produced goods (food, uniforms, furniture, etc). So, not only does your money go to help our children, it also helps community members, local business owners and their families. Everybody wins!

6. We don't bombard you with appeals for money!

We value your support and we know how horrible it is to be constantly asked for money. We just won't do it. Maybe once or twice a year... and even then we'll be really nice...