People have climbed mountains, cycled over Welsh hills, held a Zumbathon, run marathons… OK none of those sound easy, but these do... sommakeapage_purple.gife people sold unwanted items on eBay, did a cake sale, held a coffee morning, had a birthday party, or simply set up a JustGiving page and invited their friends and family to donate… all kinds of things. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. If you’ve got an idea, let us know and we can help you with some resources.

Fundraising is all about asking people for support; your family, work colleagues and friends can make your fundraising easy and successful. Keep it interesting and fun, and people will want to help you. Sometimes, employers will match the amount you raise... it's worth asking!

How do you start?

First, give some thought to your fundraising ideas, then complete our online application form to become a Child of Hope volunteer fundraiser. This helps keep everything official; it enables us to comply with Charity Commission guidelines; and we will supply you with a Fundraising Agreement Number.

Resources for UK fundraisers

- Online donations through Child of Hope's donation page, JustGiving or facebook,

- Fundraise with your facebook friends,

- Official sponsor forms, supplied as PDF complete with your name and event,

- Various small banners,

- A4 posters - see downloads

- JPEG version of the COH logo for you to use in church newsletters, etc,

- DL leaflets,

- T-shirt with Child of Hope logo,

- Various videos.

Simply e-mail us your fundraising idea and which resources you’d like, and we’ll e-mail or post them.

For JustGiving's top tips for fundraising, click here

Gift Aid

With Gift Aid, every £1 you give attracts an extra 25p from the government (if your donor is a UK taxpayer). But you don’t have to worry about how to do it – our online payment methods cover all that, as does JustGiving, and so do our sponsorship forms. With the correct forms, you can now even help us claim Gift Aid on cash collections. For more information, please e-mail us.

Here's what other CoH supporters have done to raise funds! 

• Sold stuff on eBay
• Birthday/anniversary party donations in place of gifts
• Made reborn dolls and sold them
• Sponsored skip
• Funeral donations in place of flowers
• Sponsored sing
• Skydived
• Wedding donations in place of gifts
• Held a Zumbathon
• Ran mini-marathons or full marathons
• Held a cake sale
• Collected at a supermarket

Have you got an idea you'd like to run past us? Easy... just drop us an e-mail