Food and nutrition

Pupils at Child of Hope’s school come from only the poorest families in the slum – and most of those children eat just once a day; sometimes they go a whole day with nothing to eat.

Our meal is the same every day... posho and beans. Posho is the traditional Ugandan dish of maize flour cooked with water to a porridge-like consistency. We serve the posho with beans cooked with some cabbage and onions. With more funds, we will be able to vary the children’s diet and even add meat on occasions, so donations will help us improve nutrition. This in turn will help the kids grow properly and fight off the many illnesses and infections they face in the slum.

• Would you like to help sponsor our food provision? Food sponsorship at just £5 per month, but you can pay for more if you wish!

• Or you could make a single donation to help us improve our nutrition content.