But that doesn’t phase us, and we have developed a highly-effective provision – part of our Family Support team – that is reaping huge rewards in the health of our pupils… and their families.

Free medical attention is available as required; there is a nurse on duty during school hours to attend to immediate problems. More serious situations are dealt with at a local Christian clinic, and any costs are met by Child of Hope. We even successfully fight malaria, which all our children have suffered from.

Every child is regularly given a huge bar of soap and jar of Vaseline to take home to their family to help with skin ailments and hygiene.

We teach the children and their parents how to combat the spread of disease amongst the children, provide practical teaching for parents on health issues, and on other issues such as domestic child abuse, road safety and domestic unintentional poisonings. We even build community toilets.

And here’s why we provide free shoes to all our poorest children whose parents can't afford them… a major problem in Namatala is ‘jiggers’ – parasites that burrow into the feet, causing significant irritation and pain. Untreated, they can lead to amputation, and even death. They can easily be prevented by wearing shoes, since it is the unsanitary conditions that enable them to breed on the ground. 

• Would you like to help sponsor our health provision? Health sponsorship at just £7 per month, but you can pay more if you wish!

• Or you could make a single donation to help us buy shoes for the children...