In the Namatala slum, there is no provision for healthcare or social care, so most children do not eat a hot meal each day, and most do not attend state school because there are too many things to pay for. Child of Hope steps in to provide all these, plus clothes, shoes… and all the other things you'll read about on this website.

How do we pay for it? Most of what we do on a day-to-day basis is funded by individuals who partner with us to sponsor:

•  A child’s education (£15 per month)

•  Part of a teacher’s salary (from £10 per month)

•  Family Support team worker (from £10 per month)

•  Part of our food provision (from £5 per month)

•  Part of our healthcare provision (from £7 per month)

If you would prefer to donate monthly to our operational costs or for the most urgent need, you can do this on our donation page, by online banking, by cheque or by direct debit with JustGiving.