Could you sponsor one of these children?

You can find out more information on our main sponsorship page. To start the process, please send us an email to tell us which child you would like to sponsor. Then simply click below to sign up for a regular, monthly donation.

If, by any chance, that child has already been sponsored, we will let you know and offer you an alternative child.

ECS Tracy.jpg

Tracy (627-18)  

Tracy is 9 years old and the youngest with 3 siblings in her family. She is a Mugisu by tribe and her home village is in Bumurundi Namisindwa district. She lives in Namatala with her mother who is a casual worker. Her father lives in their village with her three siblings and is an agricultural worker. Tracy lives in a semi-permanent home.

Tracy likes playing ball with her friends and in class she is good at literacy and mathematics. She enjoys singing and telling stories during class time.


ECS - Stephen sq.jpg

Stephen (595-17)  - now sponsored

Steve is 6 years old and is the youngest with four siblings in his family. He is a Mugisu by tribe and his home village is in Buyobo Sironko district. He lives in Namatala, in a mud hut, with his parents. His mother is a housewife and his father works as an agricultural labourer. 

Steve likes playing on the swings and bouncing ball. In class, he is good at reading and writing simple sentences and can sort, order and classify objects.



Simon  (626-18)  - now sponsored

Simon is 6 years old and is the eldest with two siblings in his family. He is a Karamajong by tribe and his home village is in Lokopo Matanyi district. He lives with his parents who are both casual workers, their house is semi-permanent.

Simon likes football and bouncing ball with his friends. In class, he can count and write numbers and knows capital and small letters.