Sponsorship: Family support team worker

In addition, we have a business start-up team which works specifically with the parents to help improve their skills and income… and it’s entirely funded by us. Both departments form part of our family support team.

It is proving extremely effective through a series of programmes:

- Regular home visits for children,
- Business training for parents,
- Grants for parents to start businesses,
- Business mentoring for parents,
- Specific training sessions for parents/guardians (health, literacy, safety, parenting skills)
- Advocating child and women rights.

Our social work and business start-up teams have salaries ranging between £30 to £70 per month. Social worker and business support team sponsorship involves funding part of a field staff’s salary – as much as you prefer, starting at £10 per month. Or you could make a single donation to help toward counselling or start-up businesses for mums.