Since joining CoH’s Income Generating Activities (IGA) scheme in 2017, mum Harriet says her business enables her to be more debt-free than before, enabling her to take care of the her entire family while her husband is far away in South Sudan – and she even saves a small amount every week for the future. 

Before, Harriet’s business involved selling bananas from her home. After receiving her IGA grant and business advice, she increased her banana stock and developed a new mobile way of selling the fruit in the Namatala slum and at designated market areas in Mbale town – rather than simply from home. This has boosted her turnover and profits.

Harriet buys her bananas from the mountain villages of Mbale at wholesale prices. She faces challenges of inaccessible roads during rainy seasons, which makes it hard for her to have enough regular stock.

Child of Hope offers sponsorship of our Income Generating Activities scheme from £15/month, which helps pay for start-up grants and for our IGA staff that provide training and ongoing support to mums like Harriet. If you’d like to sponsor this highly-effective project – which helps lift families out of the worst excesses of poverty very quickly – please click here for details.