Tip tap_2898 web.jpg

Evelyn, one of the students at our secondary school, is shown demonstrating to members of the Namatala community how to use a tip tap water dispenser with soap for maximum benefit.

Recently, tip taps were erected around Namatala by our great friends at Uganda NGO Jenga, to promote regular hand washing. Our staff are supporting that by making ‘good hygiene’ appeals to the community – to use the taps effectively and to wear face masks in order to fight spread of the virus.

Tip taps are made from local materials and are quick and low-cost to install. They allow users to pour water from a container with a foot pedal, rather than touch any part of the mechanism with their hands.

Our appeals and demonstrations are helping to make an impact because the growing number of Covid-19 deaths in the country have made the community realise that the disease is real and is a potential killer.