Sponsor a child

In Uganda, primary education is almost free... there are no school fees, but parents still have to pay for uniform, pencils, books and even toilet paper – which is unaffordable for the poorest families. Our nursery/primary child sponsorship is £15/month.

Sponsoring a student at our secondary school allows our pupils to continue their studies at the same high standard they have reached in our nursery and primary school. This sponsorship is £25 per month for students up to O-level.

By supporting students who choose to continue their education, at A-Level or by studying vocational subjects, you will be helping children to achieve their employment goals. Sponsorship for those students is £45/month.

Your monthly donation will help pay for all the stuff that their parents could never afford...

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Sponsors receive around two letters and at least one photograph every year. Some sponsors choose to send letters to their child and donations for birthday presents. 

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How does Child of Hope decide which children to take?

Due to work in the community, our welfare team knows which families are really struggling. We also work with the local authorities, elders, leaders and pastors to ensure a fair system so that the neediest kids are helped.

What might I receive as a sponsor?

You will be allocated a specific child and given a photo and details of the child and their circumstances. Copies of school reports and photos are also sent regularly to sponsors.

Can I write to my sponsored pupil and can I send a gift?

Children and sponsors are able to write to each other via the Child of Hope office. The postal service is unreliable, so we will email everything to the school to distribute to your child; simply write or email us, but please do not include your contact details or address for sake of data security.

If you wish to make a donation for a small gift to your child, we recommend £5 or £10 for the child; if you want to give more we’ll include the family. Simply make a donation and email us to say who the money is for.

What is the best way to fund my sponsorship?

The most cost-effective means of doing this is by setting up regular payments through online banking. Fees are payable by CoH if using Paypal or JustGiving. For UK tax-payers, gift-aiding the donation significantly increases the amount received at no extra cost to you.

Can I sponsor more than one pupil?

Yes, you can sponsor any number of children.

What happens when my pupil finishes primary education?

Subject to their results in the Leaving Exams, children go on to our secondary school. Sponsorship helps to fund the children’s ongoing welfare and medical care.

When does my sponsorship end?

After they finish primary school, you can continue supporting your existing child through secondary/vocational education, at the same monthly rate, or increase your monthly donation (by whatever amount) to help cover the additional costs for secondary education. Following O-levels, you can continue to support your child through A-Level or vocational studies, either at the same rate or an increased amount. After they leave further education, you are welcome to transfer your sponsorship to a new child. If your circumstances change, sponsorship can be ended at any time.