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Give and Learn Day

Join us by hosting an exciting educational sponsored event - Give and Learn Day! This special sponsorship day for schools is dedicated to fostering a connection between students. Choose your own date for the event, and embrace the rich cultural heritage of Uganda whilst raising funds for the education of underprivileged Ugandan students. Child of Hope Uganda is thrilled to invite both Primary and Secondary schools to participate in this enriching event, where children can experience the joy of learning just like their Ugandan peers.

Event Highlights:

Immerse in Ugandan Culture: Immerse your students in the vibrant traditions of Uganda. From learning traditional Ugandan dances to speaking in Kiswahili - this event promises a culturally immersive experience that goes beyond the classroom.

Sponsorship for Learning: By asking your pupils to get sponsored for participating in Give and Learn Day, you contribute to a powerful cause. Your support helps underprivileged Ugandan children access education. Through your sponsorship, you empower these children to embrace learning with passion and dedication.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans: Our event provides comprehensive lesson plans – thoughtfully crafted plans cover various subjects and age groups, ensuring that your students engage with meaningful content throughout the day.

Hands-On Activities: From the traditional artistry of making necklaces out of paper to using plants to solve maths problems - students will delve into hands-on activities that promote creativity, teamwork, and cultural appreciation.

Technology-Free Learning: Break away from screens and devices. Give and Learn Day encourages students to rediscover the joy of learning without the distractions of modern technology. It's a day of genuine connections and real-world experiences.

Why Participate?

Cultural Enrichment: Immerse your students in a new and fascinating culture. Learn about Uganda's history, traditions, and values through engaging activities and lessons.

Global Perspective: Discuss with your pupils the similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of children in Uganda. Foster empathy and understanding through shared experiences.

Social Responsibility: Empower your students to make a difference. By participating in this event, you contribute to the education and well-being of children living in poverty, embodying the spirit of social responsibility.

Unplugged Learning: Experience the benefits of a technology-free learning environment. Allow students to reconnect with nature, their peers, and their own creativity.

Give and Learn Day - an exciting day for both Primary and Secondary Schools

What’s included?

- Sponsorship forms - for each participating student to take home.
- Lesson plans and activities.
- Videos for lessons.
- Certificate for the noticeboard.

Primary Schools

Primary lessons are broken down into EYFS, KS1 and KS2, with video instructions included. At Child of Hope, we do not have many resources to help with teaching, so no expensive equipment will be required! The teachers try to use objects found in the environment to support teaching as well as using games, songs, dance and oral storytelling. Examples and instructions are clearly laid out in the Give and Learn Day resource section. 

Some examples of the lessons included are:
Dance like the Buganda...
Speak Luganda...
Make necklaces out of paper...
Do PE about a sheep!...
Learn phonics in Atesot...
Make a fish using leaves and glue...
And many more - please check out the resource section for full details, click below...

Secondary Schools

We have included unique secondary lesson ideas for a variety of subjects where the pupils can learn in the same way as Ugandan students. No expensive equipment or resources are required, as your pupils will be learning in the same way as their Ugandan peers!

Some of the lessons included are:
PE: use found objects to make a PE lesson
History: find out about Ugandan tribes
Music: learn Ugandan songs
Geography: Find out how climate change affects Uganda
History: Learn all about the history of Uganda through the coat of arms.
Art: Printing, African style
Business studies: explore Ugandan entrepreneurship and the barter system
Maths: Use natural resources to work out maths problems
Languages: Take a lesson in Kiswahili and learn some key vocabulary

Please check the  Give and Learn Day resource section for full details, click below...

How do we join in?

Please decide on a date, and register that your school will be taking part on the form below. We will send you a participation pack containing further information. Have fun, and don’t forget to send us any donations collected on the day. 

*Please note that we cannot accept any donations of physical items due to the transportation costs involved in sending items to Uganda. All money raised will go towards the running costs, resources like sports equipment and books, and education of Child of Hope children in our schools in Uganda.

Join us for Give and Learn Day

Mark a date on your calendar for an unforgettable day of cultural exploration, learning, and giving back. Be a part of a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact on your students and communities alike.

At Child of Hope Uganda, we believe in the power of education, cultural exchange, and unity. Give and Learn Day embodies these values, and we invite you to be a part of this inspiring journey.

Register now and ignite the joy of learning, the Ugandan way!

If you would like to donate to the fundraising day, please visit our special page on JustGiving to make a credit card payment... click below...