Video - a day in nursery class  (2020)

A short video of a day in the life of our nursery children - these are the youngest in our slum school in Uganda. It shows a little girl called Favour from the time she walks to school with a couple of friends until going home.

Around 40 children from the Namatala slum join our school each year and the cost for running our school (where everything is free for the kids) is helped enormously when supporters sponsor a child like Favour.

Could you help us by sponsoring a child through school? It costs just £15 per month. You can write to them if you like and you will receive school reports and letters from the child each year. The main thing is, it will help us give them a serious lift-up from the worst excesses of slum poverty. Click here for information...

Look at us now (2019)

Take a look at our latest 3-minute video that gives a really good round-up of the breadth of Child of Hope’s work and its impact. You’ll see where the children have come from and the entirely more positive futures that education and intervention are producing for them.

Soundtrack is used with permission.


Helping (2018)

Check out this short video from our team in Uganda, called Helping. In just two and a half minutes you’ll see lots of the great ways that our pupils and staff make life better by helping each other. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes views of our school that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Soundtrack: The song ‘Just Takes a Little’ by artist Amy Stroup is used with permission. The Music Bed, LLC. 9555 Harmon Road, Fort Worth, TX 76177 1-800-380-8154

Supporting slum kids and their families (2018)

Meet the support team that works with children and their parents both in and outside the school. They ensure that every child has a chance to become the best they can be; no-one slips through the net and everyone succeeds together! So this is our Family Support Team, comprising our welfare team, health team and income generating team. They do amazing stuff!

Soundtrack: The song ‘Life so Beautiful’ by artist Graham Colton is used with permission. The Music Bed, LLC. 9555 Harmon Road, Fort Worth, TX 76177 1-800-380-8154


The difference we make (2018)

In this 5-minute video, you'll see the work of Child of Hope in Namatala slum and the amazing difference made by both free education at the school and our innovative Family Support Team that works with it. And we're ten years old!

Soundtrack: The song ‘Together, featuring Derek James’ by artist Marie Hines is used with permission. The Music Bed, LLC. 9555 Harmon Road, Fort Worth, TX 76177 1-800-380-8154

Our family support team in action (2017)

Check out the impact of Child of Hope's Family Support team, seen in this 3-minute video. This work is provided entirely free for families of children at our school in the poverty-struck Namatala slum of eastern Uganda – where there is no other effective form of social support.

The parents (usually the mums) benefit hugely. We offer them lots of family support, training and encouragement through our welfare team. And if they would like to start a business, our IGA team trains them, gives them a start-up grant, and supports them long-term as they rise from the worst extremes of poverty.

There’s a transformation in the slum (2017)

Here’s a video that lets you see into all the work Child of Hope does to help alleviate poverty in the Namatala slum. It’s more documentary in style than our usual videos (where you need to have a hankie ready!)… a great summary for anyone who hasn’t been to Uganda to see the work for yourself.


All 460 children (2016)

Just for fun... here’s a very short video showing all 460 pupils and staff at our school in the Namatala Slum – standing on the verandas at the school and cheering their heads off for half a minute.

Now I'm Free (2016)

Fear permeates everyone's lives in the Namatala Slum... but Child of Hope is working to bring hope, God’s love and release from the chains of poverty to young slum kids and their families.

Soundtrack: The song ‘Do not be Afraid’ by artist Kaleb Jones is used with permission. The Music Bed, LLC. 9555 Harmon Road, Fort Worth, TX 76177 1-800-380-8154

Elijah (2014)

Little Elijah had been left alone in the slum, apparently to die, unwanted. Watch the story of his rescue by Child of Hope staff and his recovery. Apologies but this video is very small and low resolution.

This video is just 3.5 minutes long.

Welfare in the Namatala slum (2013)

There's no welfare system in Uganda as we know it in the west, but Child of Hope has set up a system to work wonders for the families of its pupils. Huge thanks to our expert friends from Welsh Social Services! There's also a glimpse at morning devotions at the school before the daily check-up of potential vulnerable children.

This video is 17 minutes long.

Fighting malaria (2013)

This video shows how our school is fighting malaria! It's nearly ten minutes long.

Helping mums in business – the impact (2013)

See how mums' and their children's lives are changed by your £25 business start-up grants! This is our IGA (Income Generating Activity) programme – which gives the grant and then provides ongoing free business support.

Just 2.5 minutes long.

Helping mums in business - tour the slum (2013)

Tour the Namatala slum to meet mums we have set up in business, and who we continue to support through our IGA programme.

This video is 7.5 minutes long.

Solar power (2013)

See how solar power is impacting the lives of school kids in the Ugandan slum district of Namatala. A big 'thank you' to the Young Philanthropy team at EY for helping us raise the money for a full solar power system for the school!

Great fun and just 2.5 minutes long.