Churches: Get involved

In both the UK and Uganda we have strong connections with churches from Anglican to Pentecostal and non-denominational.

We are a nationally-approved organisation by the UK Elim church, enabling its individual churches to support us and to send people on short-term mission.


An informal partnership with Child of Hope offers you a variety of mission opportunities in Uganda for you and members of your church. We are regularly visited by UK church leaders and mission teams, which gives their people first-hand experience of the developing world. They get involved with our school, outreaches in the slum, local churches and crusades.

Our Ugandan directors regularly visit the UK and are very happy to visit and speak at your church on a Sunday or midweek to update you on the Child of Hope’s progress in Uganda.

And what would Child of Hope like from an informal partnership with your church? In a nutshell… prayer, concern, publicity within your church and finance to enable us to operate our school and its services to the slum.

If you’d like to explore a relationship with Child of Hope, please e-mail or call us on (01202) 697201. Thanks!


If you would like a poster about CoH for your church noticeboard, check out our downloads page, there are three to choose from!


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