A plot of land behind the school has been converted for an ongoing project that will train our pupils in growing certain vegetables, such as potatoes, peas, beans, cabbage, egg plants and tomatoes.

Now, thanks to a generous donation, the children will try various techniques to see which produces the best harvest and then roll up their sleeves to get muddy! They’ll learn which plants help the land and give nutrition back to the soil, how to prevent free-roaming animals spoiling the crops and the problems of waste management (plastics, etc). As a bonus, hopefully the children will be able to eat the end product!

The foundation to this is that we want our children to understand their important role in looking after God’s creation – to grow up knowing that their environment must be cared for and to give them the skills to do so. In addition Uganda has a long tradition in agriculture/farming and many people in Uganda have a small plot ‘back in their village home’ where they grow crops to make money in addition to their ‘normal’ employment. We realised that this was something our ‘slum-dwelling’ children were missing out on.

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