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The third and final term of the academic year recently began in Uganda. Unlike the UK, their school year runs from February to the end of November.

This term is important as it's when the children’s performance is assessed to see if they're ready to move up to the next class in the new school year. It's also the shortest term of the year, so every child returning on day one is a big deal!

The wonderful Child of Hope welfare team is out in the community, visiting homes to remind parents about the return to school. Return dates may vary between local schools, but at Child of Hope, doors open on the very first day of the official Ugandan term. We're eager to have every child back in the classroom right away, no trickling in as siblings return to their respective schools! 

For our P7 students, they only have a few weeks left before they sit their crucial Primary Leaving Exams at the beginning of November. Let's cheer them on as they prepare for this big moment!