Mum-of-six Margret was so poor that she didn’t have a mattress to sleep on – which became one of her goals when we helped her start her own business selling vegetables.

Now, a few years down the line, she is able to pay for three of her children to go to a local school, while one attends the Child of Hope School for free. Two of her children are of pre-school age, but she hopes that they too will receive an education.

One thing that has really helped in her business was to acquire proper scales, so she can sell her goods at a fair price… and be known for it.

In the future she hopes to be able to buy a plot of land and build a house on it. She said: “ Having my own business has taken away stress and worry and anxiety about the future.”

And yes… she’s been out and bought a new large mattress, which she and the children all sleep on.

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