Kodet Maria.44.jpeg

A young girl who was barely surviving due to poor health is now thriving, thanks to Child of Hope’s all-round care system.

Five-year-old Maria entered the nursery class this year, having been identified by our welfare team as a very needy child. 

She was living with her stepmother in the Namatala slum when the welfare team noticed her. She had swollen feet. Edema is caused by fluid trapped underneath the skin tissue and was a sign of Maria’s poor state of health, along with her swollen belly. She was found to be underweight with a low BMI.

Stella, our senior nurse with the health team, quickly identified the cause as malnutrition and referred Maria to hospital. She was admitted to the nutrition centre for two weeks of treatment, then discharged with nutrition supplements. 

Maria’s BMI continues to be monitored weekly by the school nurse. The edema in her feet has gone and Maria is steadily gaining weight. 

As you can see, she still doesn't smile much, but we’re glad to see Maria is now well her way to full recovery.

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