PLE results_2154.jpg

We are celebrating another excellent round of results in last autumn’s primary leaving exam (PLE).

There were 47 children from Child of Hope Primary School sitting the exam. Despite two missed years of education during the Covid pandemic, every child passed, with 29 in the highest Division 1 and 17 in Division 2. Pictured here are many of them celebrating their success.

As well as giving credit to the students for their hard work, we recognise the tremendous dedication of the school staff who worked so hard to help them make up for the missed time in school. They gave up much of their own time to run a boarding revision programme prior to the exams, where the children were cared for educationally, physically, and emotionally to allow them the best chance of success. The only child with the lowest division pass had been working in Kampala for a year and didn’t return for the revision preparation.

Our primary school remains one of the best in Mbale for its high teaching standards and the outstanding progress of its pupils. These leavers are looking forward to the next stage of their education, most of them going on to continue their studies at our secondary school.