Chan is a young boy in the top class of our nursery school. Some years ago, his mum Joyce broke her leg and, although the leg seemed to have healed, Joyce continued to have pain and regular ulcers on it. Recently, the pain and ulcers became very severe. The local hospital believed that there was a serious infection and even gangrene in the bone and said that the leg would have to be amputated.

We were extremely keen to try and see if we could save her leg as it would make things extremely tough for Joyce to survive in the slum with only one leg, especially as the dad is not on the scene. So, we arranged to take her to an Orthopaedic Hospital in Kumi (about an hour’s drive away).

After quite a complicated operation, costing around £750 and paid for by Child of Hope, Joyce’s leg has been saved and she is due to come home from the hospital at the end of this week. Chan is eagerly looking forward to seeing his mother again!

Chan has never met his father; he was one of many Chinese workers who arrived in Uganda to build roads and then disappeared again.