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Children in the UK are usually very interested in learning about the lives of children in Uganda – and two Hampshire sisters were no exception. After hearing about the work of Child of Hope, Lily (9) and Heidi (6), from Oakley, decided to get personally involved by making and selling cookies!

They started by making and distributing mini flyers about their cookie sale to all their friends.  They then baked cookies of many different flavours, including white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, smarties, popping candy, and coconut and raisin cookies.

Andy, the girls’ dad, had collected pre-orders from his team at work, so the girls bagged up those cookies ready for him to take to work the following day. Mum Laura had invited over a group of friends for lunch and so the girls sold cookies to them too!

Lily and Heidi then set up a stall in their front garden. The flyers had worked well and lots of their friends came to buy cookies, as well as a few sweetie bags and toys that the girls had donated.

By this time, the girls’ desire to raise money had been well and truly ignited and so, in the evening, they bagged up the leftovers and went around with their mum knocking on neighbours’ doors asking if they’d like to buy cookies, and they all did! Finally, on the Sunday, the girls sold their last few cookies (and some freshly baked cakes) at church.

Heidi (6) said, “It was really fun, it took quite a while to make all the cookies and a lot of effort. When we sold all the cookies I felt really proud.”

Lily (9) added, “It was fun and exciting and we were helping children in Uganda have a better life. Just from selling cookies we raised a lot of money! People said our cookies were very yummy!”

Mum Laura said, “Heidi’s face was an absolute picture when I told them that a child in Africa would have schooling for a year because of what they’d done; it was the most excited I’d ever seen her!”

Amazingly, Lily and Heidi managed to raise over £200 for Child of Hope’s work in Uganda!  Wow! Very well done, Lily and Heidi! And thanks mum and dad for helping make it happen. Anyone want to do something like that?

Laura sent us her cookie recipe…

- 100g butter/marg
- 100g soft brown sugar... mix together then add
- 1 tablespoon golden syrup
- 100g chocolate/raisins/smarties...
- 150g self raising flour
- Mix well
- Roll into balls
- Bake on a greased baking tray for 10-12 mins at 160’C