Ezra running.jpg

Running off into the distance is six-year-old Ezra, who last week ran his first-ever 5K to raise funds for slum children and their families during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Ezra originally set his target at £100 but that was broken within days, thanks to generous friends and family. Now the total funds he raised has reached £2,000… well done Ezra!

Mum Charlotte said: “We were talking about the situation to Ezra and discussing how we can help as a family and he had an idea (inspired by Captain Tom!). He is going to run 5km, which is further than he has ever run before. He would like to raise as much money as he can to help the children in a community in desperate need.”

And that has helped our emergency appeal overall total to reach over £42,000, which is helping slum families in Namatala enormously. More details to follow soon.