Since Rose approached Child of Hope’s Income Generating Activity team in 2013 for a business grant and training – to set up a small business selling vegetables – she and her husband have been able to purchase a small plot of land where they will build a home one day.

That’s a terrific lift for her family in just over two years of running her business, and she says for the first time she feels secure for the future.

Rose also sells charcoal, which people use for cooking. That’s not an easy job as she has to collect the charcoal and carry it to her home to sell it. But she is so happy that the business enables her to feed and clothe her family and pay the rent. It also means that she can send two of her children to a local school while two others attend the CoH school, leaving her to care for her baby.

To read more about how simple business training and a £25 start-up grant helps mums out of poverty (and you can donate a business grant, if you like)… click here.

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