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Despite the challenges of the past 18 months, the latest cohort of primary leavers have smashed previous Child of Hope records in their primary leaving exam!

This now puts our school officially in the top 3% of primary schools in Uganda, compared with the top 6% last year.

PLE_3181.jpgThere are four divisions of pass, with all our children passing in the top two divisions. Whereas last year 7% of children passed in division 1 and 76% in division 2, this year 61% passed in division 1 and 39% passed in division 2.

Well done to all our children who, despite huge disruption to their learning during the pandemic, have worked so hard to make up any lost ground and have exceeded expectations. Your teachers are so proud of you.

In the meantime, Uganda’s latest state of lockdown means all schools are currently closed throughout the country. Travel restrictions and curfew means the livelihood of many families is extremely limited and hunger is a huge problem. Our family support team is helping as many as we can.