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Child of Hope is committed to equal opportunities for its male and female students – and young Dinah is following her dream to become one of the first female mechanics in Namatala.

Following her Primary Leaving Exams in 2017, Dinah chose to pursue a course in motor mechanics, normally viewed as the domain of men. Tailoring had been suggested to her, but she knew exactly what she wanted to do!

Dinah enrolled in the Municipality Community Polytechnic School in 2018, where she is learning the necessary mechanical skills. Dinah is the only female student on the motor mechanics course in the institution. She is confident that, once qualified, many clients will be keen to test the skills of a female mechanic, her gender thereby giving her a competitive advantage.

When our staff visited her to interview her, their motorbike broke down – and Dinah jumped at the chance to help fix it!

Dinah and bike.jpeg