A former CoH pupil has volunteered his help with our agriculture project and, in saving the venture some overheads, has helped make it more cost-effective.

Having passed his O-levels with good grades last year, he could have continued to A-level studies, but instead chose to follow his passion for farming, enrolling on an agriculture course. CoH continues to support his education there, sponsored from the UK. His desire is to major in animal farming. But just two months after starting college, the Coronavirus pandemic struck and the college had to close temporarily. Mark returned home.

Last week he offered his services to the IGA Kimuntu farm project. Drawing on his skills, he mixed the right ratios of pesticides for spraying the entire farm gardens. He then spent a whole day spraying the gardens and rice field to support a better yield.

He has offered to help on the farm when needed, especially while not able to attend college.