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Thanks to some tremendous fundraising and support from St. Leonard’s Church, Oakley, we have added a rainwater harvesting system to our school.

Water is essential to all that we do at the school… and we need a lot of it! It’s needed for drinking, cooking food, washing hands, bathing children, and keeping the school premises clean and hygienic!

Until now the school regularly struggled to access water… but no longer! Now, with our awesome rainwater harvesting system, we are able to collect and store all the rain that falls on the school roof.

And we get a lot of rain in Uganda!

So now we have plenty of water and everyone is happy. In fact, whereas we previously had just one tank to hold water, we now have three water tanks with a total capacity of 15,000 litres. Each tank sits on a reinforced concrete slab, which is essential because when it’s full of water, each one weighs 15 tonnes!