No more labour-intensive treadle sewing! Quite a while back we had a very generous donation to help our beleaguered school tailor. Finally, after a lot of research we have electric sewing machines!

Sarah makes over 400 uniforms each year for our children, plus uniforms for our school guards, cleaners and kitchen workers. She really has her hands full and has been finding it difficult to get everything made on time using her treadle machine.

Despite our best efforts we really struggled to find an electric sewing machine that would be ‘man enough’ for every day, heavy use.

A couple of months ago, Bex stumbled across a tiny stall in the local market where a man was selling spare parts for industrial sewing machines. Cutting a long story short, she sent Joseph (our new operations manager) to go and investigate and we now have two brand new industrial strength sewing machines from Kampala!

The first machine is a standard sewing type which can run up uniforms super-fast while also able to make button holes and sew on buttons. The second machine is an overlocker – this helps finish off the edge of the material so that it doesn’t fray.

We had to get our friend Ken (the electrician) to come in and install power to Sarah’s small office but the smile on Sarah’s face has all been worth it! That’s her in the picture getting training from technicians. Many thanks to everyone at Wimborne Elim Church for their generosity and patience!

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