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How are the students taught?

The students learn Mathematics, Agriculture, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, Geography, Christian Religious Education, Fine Art, English Literature and Commerce. The Ugandan National Curriculum is followed and fused with the very latest teaching methods.

What is school like in Uganda?

In Uganda, secondary education is very expensive. Recent figures show that for every ten children that enrol for primary education, only one child is able to enrol for secondary education. The school fees are outside the reach of our slum families. In addition, despite the high fees, the local secondary schools are often poorly maintained and lacking in equipment.

At our secondary school, children receive not only free education, but also support from our welfare staff to check attendance and offer help and advice. They receive home visits and medical treatment as needed. We also provide weekend/ school holiday courses to support development of personal, social and business skills, along with specialist revision classes and careers advice.

Our secondary school is well equipped and employs specialised teachers, all fully qualified with degrees. 

What about Further Education?

Students can move to A-Levels or to college (the equivalent of the English sixth form/year 12-13 or college system). Discussions about careers and future education take place with the students and decisions are made once exam results are known. Students receive support from Child of Hope through payment of fees, welfare and medical help where required.

How can I help?

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