Anna Rose.jpegColleges and training establishments have been permitted to re-open and – after a long break – Anna is delighted to have resumed her studies as a psychiatric nurse.

Shortly after starting her course, former CoH pupil Ann’s studies were disrupted by the pandemic and enforced closure of all educational establishments.

But now she’s back and we’re delighted to report that she is doing well and will soon sit her first examination.

Our further education students are relieved to get back to their educational and vocational studies, while their younger contemporaries have to wait a little longer for the re-opening of their schools in January.

Having grown up in Namatala slum where healthcare services have been poor, Anna is keen to make a difference. She is passionate about helping those suffering from mental illness and is studying for two years at Butabika School of Psychiatric Nursing, 250 km from her home town of  Mbale.