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We've seen remarkable achievements at Child of Hope, thanks to our incredible supporters. These children, who often have just one meal a day at school, have thrived and found a brighter future through education. But today, we face a new challenge – a growing demand for our help and insufficient resources to meet it due to the cost of living crisis, which has hit Uganda harder than most.

We're reaching out to you, our compassionate community, to join us in making a difference that lasts a lifetime. Your contributions will directly impact these communities, ensuring access to education, food, health, and vital services.

Please consider making a donation on our Just Giving page here. We understand that times are challenging, but remember, every pound you donate brings a child in Uganda one step closer to a safer, more prosperous future filled with hope and aspirations.

This appeal will be ongoing, so feel free to give only when you are able. If you are unable to support us at this time, please share our appeal, as this can be as impactful as giving!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

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