This very hungry grandmother and grandson turned up at Bex and Moses’ home this morning as they had run out of food during the Covid-19 lockdown in Uganda.

Angelina and Peter walked from their home in Namatala on the other side of town. It took them over two hours as Angelina is elderly and finds it difficult to walk quickly – and all public and private transport is currently banned in Uganda.

Angelina used to move around the slum collecting sticks to sell as firewood, but since the lockdown, this is no longer possible. Her son and another grandchild also live with her. The son used to make some money by hawking (moving around selling various items), but of course he is also just sat at home now. They had been asking neighbours and friends for help but as everyone is now struggling.  Angelina also explained that theft is now rampant in their area. 

Bex organised a bag of groceries for them while they had some breakfast. It was hard to watch as Angelina gave half her breakfast to Peter to make sure he had extra.

There are many families like Angelina’s in Namatala at the moment, all wondering how they are going to find food for the coming days and weeks.

The number of coronavirus cases in Uganda is thankfully very few so far; we thank God for that. On the other hand, the Ugandan government has imposed very severe restrictions to try and ensure that the virus doesn’t spread. People have been told to remain at home and are only allowed out to buy food. There is a curfew in place at night. If you are found breaking the rules, the police can be very tough indeed!


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