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We have now placed 18 of our orphaned or vulnerable school children in a total of 11 foster homes, offering a better environment for some of the children who couldn't live with their own immediate or extended families. The picture shows many of the children and parents involved.

In this slum, a lot of children are unable to live in a happy and loving environment with their biological parents. Some are orphans, some lose their parents through sickness or abandonment, and some are abused at home.

We are committed to seeing more of the children in our children’s home find suitable foster families because – along with the Ugandan Government – we believe this is the best way for these children to grow and flourish.

Fostering or caring for someone outside their own wider family or clan is pretty much unheard of in Uganda… so for our foster parents, this has also been a very new experience and some had to overcome ideas that the foster children would just be a burden and bring difficulty to the family. But now they are reporting very positive changes - transformations in many cases - of the children in their care. They are happier, show improved health and have better motivation in studying at school.

So, we continue to work to encourage more members of the community to become foster parents and to raise money to pay families who are currently fostering to cover the extra costs involved in taking in an extra child.

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