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Over her whole time in Child of Hope, Rachael, one of the children in nursery top class, had not been a happy girl. 

Nursery staff observed a catalogue of problems including general poor health, poor nutrition, and very low self-esteem. Rachael was always crying and was unable to explain what she needed to the teachers. Although we identified her as being a bright girl, she was making little progress because her basic needs were not being met. 

Headteacher, Amulen Scovia, approached the school nurse to get a medical assessment, and then recommended that the Family Support team carry out a home visit. It was found that Rachael was sleeping with the goats (outside the main house), was being inadequately fed and was not being washed. She was also being used for general labour. 

It was agreed that regular home follow ups would be made by both the Family Support Unit and nursery staff. Rachael was also put on the feeding programme. 

Since then, we have seen an incredible transformation in Rachael this term! She is now clean and smart when she comes to school and she always has a big smile on her face. She is active in lessons and is making excellent progress in both Language and Mathematics. She has made friends and she enjoys playing with them at break times. We are excited to see how she continues to progress over the course of this year!

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