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International Women’s Day (today) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. You may be aware that we run business start-up programmes for women at Child of Hope, which have a hugely positive impact on the community. However, there are other ways we #choosetochallenge the inequality of gender and opportunity, and empower the next generation of women through Child of Hope - meet Miriam!

As a Child of Hope student, Miriam took ‘O’ levels in 2018, then enrolled for a vocational course in records and information keeping. Whilst she is a hard working student, Miriam was finding the limited facilities at her new school challenging. Beyond taking notes in class, she had difficulty accessing computers and the internet to research and expand her studies. This is a common problem faced by many of the poorer students, who have limited access to IT.

To help her out, Miriam often works from CoH’s premises, sharing the IT facilities and utilising the free internet access used by staff, along with other students sponsored by Child of Hope. Access to this facility is enhancing her learning and allowing Miriam to stay ahead in her studies, and we hope it will give her the extra boost she needs for a bright future.