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This is Manstula, one of the many children Child of Hope is supporting. She is 12 years old in our primary 3 class. She lives with her sick grandmother, for whom she is carer, in their single-roomed semi-permanent home. Manstula’s grandmother is bedridden with weal and painful limbs, preventing her from walking very well. This means that Manstula does all the cooking and household chores alongside monitoring, with the help of neighbours, her grandmother’s condition.

Her grandmother is very grateful for the support they receive from Child of Hope, including food supplies during Covid-19 that supplement the help they receive from relatives and well-wishers.

While Manstula is very eager to get back to school when it reopens for her class, but she is very worried about who will look after her grandmother while she is away from the house. She is one of the Child of Hope children who does not yet have a personal sponsor – if you would like to sponsor her or another child for just £15 a month, please click here.