Everything at Child of Hope – from teaching to administration – is moving into the digital age. Now some pretty cool new IT is helping the smooth running in Uganda by improving communication between the different departments. 

Grateful thanks to all who have helped provide iPads to fieldworkers and 24 laptops, 14 of which are used by organisational staff. The remaining 10 are used by teachers to update lesson plans and secondary school students to develop their IT skills that are so essential in today’s digital world. 

It is hoped that eventually each classroom will have a laptop and projector so that information is projected onto the wall, working alongside our traditional blackboards and chalk. Children in Uganda, just as in UK, will be motivated by high-tech presentations. 

All the increased technology means that demand for power sometimes outstrips supply. The current solar power system remains good, but it is hoped that resources will soon permit it to be upgraded at the cost of around £15,000.