We love it when our Income Generating Activities (IGA) make a significant difference to mums and their families. A business start-up can help lift a family from the worst effects of poverty in just months, and the benefits just keep coming. Jennifer is a great example.

We told the story of how she started a tailoring business in 2012 in one of our case studies. Then in 2014 we gave an update showing how her hard work was paying off and she had managed to buy a cow out of the small savings from the business. It produces milk for the whole family and enough to sell to boost her IGA income.

Well, now she has expanded her business with a second sewing machine used by an apprentice, to whom she is passing on valuable tailoring experience and tuition. Her aim for the future is to train even more people.

Two of Jennifer’s five children are at the Child of Hope School and she is happy that she is able to educate two of her other children locally. Proudly, she says that having her own business has changed her life and now she feels secure. She has been able to build her own house and has even become a landlady – and now owns two cows!

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