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These two ladies are our language teachers at our new secondary school. By the way, that’s Simon in the middle; he’s part of the excellent CoH communications team in Uganda which supplies us with news and videos.

On the left is Miss Modesta, who teaches Kiswahili language, also known as Swahili, which is taught in all secondary schools in Uganda. She has years of teaching experience in private schools around Mbale and promises to bring the best out of our students. Kiswahili is widely used in East Africa and is being made one of the national languages of Uganda alongside English.

On the right is Miss Rita. She has eight years experience as an English teacher with one of the private schools in Mbale. She has also been helping Child of Hope students with extra English lessons during the holidays, and is very happy to gain a full time job with us.

Both teachers live in Namatala slum, so they fully understand the needs of the students they will be working with and the struggle for a better life in the challenging slum.