Today is a historical moment in Namabasa, where our new secondary school, the GILL SHERLOCK MEMORIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL, is located. It’s the only secondary school in the area providing education to the villages of Namatala, Namabasa, Kolonyi and Kabwangasi.

All our previous Child of Hope primary leavers reported to start the new school term, apart from the students who have chosen to attend local vocational colleges.

It was exciting to see our senior one pioneer class in its first lecture (the newly-promoted primary seven candidates). They had a lecture of orientation from our secondary school deputy head teacher, Daniel Egalu, who led them through what they should expect in this new journey of education. The class was amazed at the number of subjects they are going to study (13), a lot different from the four that they studied during primary school!

More information, pictures and videos will be coming through any day soon.