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Classroom learning at Child of Hope took a new twist as pupils’ learning went global – with a shared live maths lesson with a class in Bristol!

The new initiative follows strong links that children from Child of Hope have been developing with children in schools in the UK through letter writing, emails, video calls and fundraising.

On this occasion, our children joined friends from St Mary Redcliffe in Bristol for a joint mathematics lesson that was conducted through a video call and projected onto a screen. Teacher Martin in Uganda and teacher Vickie in the UK conducted a joint maths session where each of them had twenty minutes of engaging with the learners.

The participation of the children from both countries was amazingly good as it seemed as if they were in the same classroom. The teachers did a great job and it was so exciting to see the learners from both sides interacting with each other through explanations and answering questions asked by the two teachers. 

Pupil Peace said: “It was good and bright and I hope we have another lesson like that!” Julius said: “It was our first time to have such a lesson and we learnt different ways of doing multiplication.”

We will continue to develop the video teaching both with staff from St Mary Redcliffe and our other linked schools in the UK.