Miriam bricks_0655.jpg

Due to Covid, it had been a long time since we had been able to gather all the mums in our Income Generation Activities (IGA) programme in one place for a support meeting. For a while this has been managed by members of our team visiting them at their homes or places of business – but now we have been able to hold a meeting with them to discuss a finance boost for their businesses.

The IGA currently has 32 groups, each comprising ten mums who work together and save money as a group in addition to their individual savings. The IGA staff were able to tell them about funds which CoH will shortly allocate to each group to boost their efforts. They were excited by this good news in such a difficult period in which the pandemic has hit them hard.

During the meeting, they were served with refreshments of soda and a local snack called mandazi. This was a welcome treat as soda is considered a luxury item that few can afford to buy.

Pictured here is single parent Miriam, one of the IGA mums who, unusually, has a brick-making business that is normally the domain of men. If you would like to sponsor the work of the IGA team, please click here…