We’re very proud of Patrick, who we think is a real success story. A boy with physical and learning difficulties, constantly dribbling at the mouth and nose running, unable even to hold a crayon, let alone colour a drawing for his sponsor.

He was one of the first in the school, who would have been unlikely to survive because of his problems. Now, six years he is doing well at his lessons, wrote a very neat letter to his sponsor, and is 24th in his class - where before he was firmly at the bottom.

Although he still has physical problems, Patrick is in full control of himself now. He is much-loved at the school and we are so happy to have helped him. Without Child of Hope school, he had no chance of getting any education and if he had somehow managed to survive, would probably have ended up living and begging on the streets.

Our ‘recruitment’ policy isn’t based on how bright the children are, but simply this… to take the poorest and most vulnerable children, as agreed between our welfare workers and local community leaders. The school may not end up with the highest education results, but young people like Patrick get a huge lift up in life… and we like that.