Peter is a six-year-old pupil in the nursery department at Child of Hope School… and walks a round journey of four miles between his home in Namabasa and school.

Peter’s family had to move out from Namatala because the cost of living was too high for a family of seven people. His father was able to secure a two-roomed house in the next village for the same rent as a one-roomed house near the school.

Before the coronavirus shutdown, Peter was having to manage the long walk to school and back because his father’s bicycle was stolen, and he could no longer give Peter a ride to school.

Currently, with schools shut, Peter has to stay at home. His parents do casual labouring work in people’s gardens to try to earn food for the family, and when there is no work they go begging in the city centre. 

Peter has no sponsor yet. Perhaps you would consider supporting him – or a child like him – in their education? If so, please see more details here.