This Tuesday and Wednesday, our children in the top primary class (P7) are sitting their primary leaving exams - see this 1-minute video by Mercy, one of our pupils.

PLEs have been delayed because of the long school closure resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, school year dates across Uganda have been adjusted due to Covid-19 and it will take about three years to get back into the normal cycle of school terms. 

The Child of Hope P7 leavers have been boarding at the school this term to give them the best possible chance to remain free of COVID and make up for lost study time.

In recent years our school’s PLE results have been very good, putting the school into the top 6% of school results in Uganda. This year, there are 33 pupils taking the exams and we have every reason to believe that they will once again achieve very high standards.

Child of Hope Primary School is now a local exam centre so our pupils will be on home ground and will be joined by pupils from another local primary school.