Well 3 construction.jpg

Our Ugandan team is in the process of digging another well, this time in the middle of our rice fields to try and ensure that we have enough water throughout the forthcoming 3-month dry season – which starts anytime now – and it will help increase access to food for families.

This well has a diameter of around 10 feet across. When completed, it will hopefully produce around 20,000 litres of water in a 12-hour period.

It will form part of an irrigation system at our agricultural site to enable year round food production. The crops supplement our child-feeding programme and support recovery of children’s health following school closure and loss of family incomes during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is the third well at our agricultural site which is shared by a project for our pupils’ mums, where 80 mothers grow crops to feed their families as part of our IGA small businesses programme. All three wells have been made possible by generous grants for UK trusts, for which we are very grateful.