Mary's expanding business

She had been looking for capital but had not been able to source any without high interest rates. But since her grant her shop has become more successful, she has been able to start up a small number of other complementary businesses. She now buys sacks of flour from the village and brings it to sell at her shop. She is also now selling clean water to her neighbours. Plans are also afoot to do some building work and expand her home.

Mary has five children (some educated by our school) and says the grant has been of great help and has kept her and her family busy and active.

As these mothers come from the very poorest families, they are usually totally illiterate and innumerate – most have never gone even to primary school. Not every business start-up is a success (just like in the UK), but the change to the families - as Mary said - is enormous and provides them with independence, security, a regular income... and hope.

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