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Following a terrific response to our annual appeal, we were able to distribute special Christmas meals to families in the Namatala slum – enough for over 5,000 people – so a huge thank you to everyone who has donated.

And now that our two schools have re-opened today after nearly two years of Covid lockdowns, we will continue to feed our pupils there, at no charge to their parents.

These children come from the poorest families in the slum and without school meals they might eat just once a day; sometimes they would go a whole day with nothing to eat.

But at school they enjoy the classic Ugandan dish... posho and beans. Posho is maize flour cooked with water to a porridge-like consistency. We serve the posho with beans cooked with some cabbage and onions. This helps the children to grow properly and fight off the many illnesses and infections they face in the slum.

Would you like to help sponsor our food/nutrition provision? Making a regular donation (from £5/month) helps to provide a free meal to all children at the school and a second meal for the neediest. Click here for details.