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Ebay is helping charities like Child of Hope raise vital funds – by encouraging people to sell their unwanted items as they declutter their homes during the lockdown.

Last year, eBay’s buyers and sellers raised more than £27 million for charity organisations – and its new campaign “eBay’s Big Charity Sell” could spark even greater fundraising efforts this year.

When you sell unwanted items on the online marketplace, you can opt for up to 100% of the proceeds to be donated directly to Child of Hope. Some of our supporters have been doing this for years (thanks!) and, during the lockdown, many more are discovering how easy it is to sell unwanted items and at the same time help raise funds for slum kids through Child of Hope.

We are not charged any fees on eBay for Charity, allowing more money to reach slum families. Supporters wishing to sell for us can donate from 10-100% of their sale and will receive the equivalent percentage reduction in fees. Sellers simply check the box that says “Donate a portion to charity” and select the donation percentage when listing their item.