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Young Tom Lathwell was shocked to find out how tough it is right now for the pupils of the Child of Hope School in the Namatala slum in Uganda. He wanted to his bit to help and decided to 'Jump for Hope’.

He said: “Why jump? Well, the main tribe in the school is the Karamajong, who are known for their jumping style of dancing (the higher the better!).

“It's actually pretty tiring. But I thought that if the pupils are going without food, the least I could do was 'jump like a Karamajong' in my break times to try and raise money to help them. So I'm going to jump for the whole length of every morning break for the whole of the second half term of summer.”

Tom has to remove the collar while jumping as it keeps hitting him in the face! He has a Justgiving page where you can see updates on his jumping and also support him with a donation if you would like to encourage him! Click here: