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Our new Karamoja nursery school

When Child of Hope started, we had a handful of poverty-stricken children in a small, borrowed building. Thanks to our supporters, we now give free education to over 700 pupils in two purpose-built schools!

Here’s the exciting bit… we have now begun replicating this model near a small town called Namalu in Karamoja, Northern Uganda. The reality of life there is as far removed from the UK as you could get. There isn’t just poverty, there is desperation. The children are so hungry they resort to eating leaves from the trees. The area is beset with problems including famine, disease and insurgence.

The children also have little access to any education and no hope for the future – we have long wanted to help people in this area.

We have started a new nursery in a borrowed building with 60 children. A teacher we trained is now teaching them with two assistants. The children receive porridge before lessons, eggs and milk, and the families will benefit from our extra welfare services. 

The cost of setting up this new school is a small fraction of our running costs, although its impact will be significant. But the recent economic situation has dramatically impacted our work. Money sent from the UK no longer buys what it used to due to the weak pound; inflation in Uganda has recently tripled, and we have a desperate situation.

So here’s the big ask: our crisis appeal

Please can you donate? Any funds received will go towards keeping all our schools running over this challenging period. As well as donations, we would love it if our supporters could get involved with creating fundraising events. Maybe a cake sale at the office or church, or a sponsored activity? We realise times are tough for many people, so we must stress that we do not want people who are struggling financially to donate.

If you would like to make a donation, please click the donate button below. We do not make this ask lightly, but please know that your support is very much appreciated and makes a real difference in children’s lives in Uganda. Thank you.

Clicking the donate button takes you to our JustGiving page, or you can donate via our website by PayPalcheque or online banking. In Justgiving, you can also easily set up a fundraiser page for your own event to help us, if you like!

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